1. I'm having problems using the print tool on the ORMAP site.

We have been experiencing problems when users try to use the print tool when using Google's Chrome browser. This is due to an Adobe plug-in problem within the Chrome browser. It seems that Chrome no longer supports the Adobe plug-in. We recommend that you use a different browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer or FireFox.

2. Can I download the tax lot shapefile data?

 No, you can not download the shapefile data for the tax lots from the ORMAP site. Currently the only way to access the tax lot data is to contact the county Assessor's office.

3. How can I access the list of tax maps on the new site?

If you select the chart icon at the top of the window. This will open a map list then you can select the map you want from that list, much like the old site.

Tip: You need to zoom into an extent where the township and range grid is displayed for the map list application to work correctly.

Tip: To open the folders that contain the maps you need to “click” on the arrow next to the folder, not the folder icon.

4. Why do I get the message "Map data not yet avaiable" when I zoom into an area on the map?

You are getting the error message because you have zoom in past the current resolution of the service that the ORMAP site is using. This will generally happen sooner in rural areas, as there may not have been as many flights to collect data as in a more urban area. You will need to zoom back out a couple steps and the image will be restored.

5. "How can I contact the counties?"

The ORMAP site has a complete list of county contact information. If you go to the People page then select the tab you would like to contact that information will be displayed.

6. Can I download all the maps for a county?

Yes, the maps are available for download in full county sets.

Go to, Log in with the username "taxmaps" and the password "ormap".

Click on the zip file name (not the checkbox next to it) and the file will be downloaded to your computer where you can unzip it and access all the PDF files. 

The files are updated as the counties submit their maps. The date of the zip file is the date of the latest map submitted. Some counties submit all their maps with the same date, so it is not always possible to tell when the maps were last updated.

7. How to use the address search tool

When entering an address in the address search tool, please remember to include the zip code. Since there are many "Main Streets" in Oregon this will help to narrow your search.

8. I'm having problems viewing the tax maps (PDF).

If the pop-up that opens with your tax map (PDF) is too small and you can't re-size it. You will need to open your Adobe reader and change the preferences. Inside Adobe go to Edit, preferences; choose "internet" from the list of categories on the left. You will see the "web browser options" at the top. Uncheck the box for "Display PDF in browser"; select "OK" to accept these changes.

WARNING: You may need to restart your computer for the changes to be totally installed.

This allows Adobe to open the PDF in an Adobe window outside of your browser. You will now be able to use all of the available Adobe tools.

9. How can I link directly to the map images the way I could on the old site?

The map viewing tools use a serial number to find the PDF map which may change and is not related in any way to the map. You can link directly to the maps using this URL where county is the first four letters of the county name and file is the name of the PDF document.


10. I'm having problems with my bookmarks.

If you had bookmarks to certain pages and maps on the "old" site, these will no longer work on the new site. You will need to create new bookmarks.

11. Can you give me more information about the imagery you're using on the site?

The imagery is a web service from Esri called "World Imagery". For more information about this service and the data please see the Esri web page.

12. Could you please define what the line colors mean?

 Red lines are the county boundaries.

Green lines are the PLSS or tax map boundaries, depending on the zoom level.

Yellow lines are the tax lot boundaries.

13. Is there an online help document that I can read that will help me with the new site?

Yes, if you select the "About/Help" link in the upper right hand corner of the GIS Map Viewer window. This will open a pop-up that has the link to the help document. This is a PDF file that you can save to your local machine if you'd like.

14. "I've been having problems with the ORMAP site displaying properly."

Many times we make updates to the site or to the web services that we use for the boundary lines and the background imagery. If you are having problems with the GIS Viewer you may need to clear your internet cache. Attached is a link to a web site with instructions for clearing just about every browser's cache.'s-Cache